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RF Indemnity Shield™

The public's demand for all things wireless has resulted in a proliferation of wireless antenna sites.   Originally, these sites were located on tall towers in fenced-off locations.  Today, many of these antennas are easily accessible on rooftops, sides of buildings, utility poles, and hidden in stealth structures.  This has created a problem for all governmental and commercial licensees who are responsible for the safety of all workers near these antennas.  Until now, these licensees have not had a solution that provides them with full compliance of the FCC's rules protecting workers from RF radiation.

At the same time, the global insurance industry has excluded RF radiation injury coverage from standard policies.  This exclusion followed AM Best’s recognition in 2013 of RF radiation as an emerging risk. 

With the NA&TSC RF safety system in place, global insurers are now willing to underwrite the RF radiation risk for all stakeholders who follow the straight forward RF safety protocol.  The result of this collaboration is NA&TSC’s insurance product “RF Indemnity Shield™”, which provides financial protection to all covered participants. The RF Indemnity Shield™ will cover all claims and legal costs related to RF injuries for every wireless site and stakeholder utilizing the NA&TSC safety solution.

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